Vynn is a self-proclaimed rogue and 'acquisitionist'. He is also the leader of the Black Tigers, which is a small gang of thieves operating on the south side of Beoulve. He has a very fast mouth and feet. The latter thanks to the Gale Rune he likes to use. He is, also, a very skilled warrior and uses a single short sword in battle.

He first encountered Yvaine and her friends while on a secret mission to retrieve some 'cargo' for the Black Tigers in Neser. While he was waiting for his contact to arrive he accidentally runs into Yvaine. After failing to hit on her, they have to team up to defeat some local bandits who showed up to take over the town. After helping Yvaine defeat the ruffians, he meets his contact and gets his item. However, before leaving he manages to steal all of Yvaine and her 2 companions' Potch right from underneath their noses.

After this he returned to Beoulve and Yvaine swore she'd get him back.

To avoid more spoilers, this is all the info to be posted for now.