The following list of people was compiled by the order of King Jalat to help the Royal Guard keep track of all the recent major enemies and/or known exiles throughout the Kingdom of New Armes in these recent turbulent political times.

  1. Lord Bruce Ayer (deceased) and any lingering supporters. While having died during his own revolt thanks to Allister Burova. This former noble, turned traitor, had many followers publicly and privately. While most were arrested, some are still believed to be at large. Make note if you ever hear any noble or commoner ever praising the traitor and inform your superiors immediately.
  2. Former Queen Tula Ishvaak was exiled for being part of the Ayer's Conspiracy and attempted regicide. Her last known whereabouts placed her in the Nagarea Theocracy along with her son. Whether or not she is still alive is unknown, but it is still very probable. Should you see her or learn any new information report it to your commander immediately.
  3. Former Prince Astor Ishvaak, like his mother, was also exiled by the King. His last known whereabouts placed him with the former Queen in Nagarea. While a mere boy when he left, the ex-prince is now of age, and should be considered a very dangerous man. Should you see or hear of anyone claiming to be him or his mother inform your commander immediately.
  4. Clay, once exiled for disobeying his superior officer, the former soldier returned and began a rebellion against the nobles in the Darja Clan. He is a highly skilled warrior do not engage him in personal combat without backup. He was last spotted in the city of Kantara in the old governor's house according to our latest spy's report. Should you see him or any of his followers inform your commanding officer immediately.
  5. Nakula is a traitor who abandoned his unit while deployed in the Falena during the Sun Rune War. He betrayed his country by joining the enemy army, and furthermore, recent spy reports have placed him and his twin brother Garik (also wanted for questioning) under the employment of Clay. Both men are considered highly dangerous. Don't fight them without help and inform your commanding officer should you learn any new information.