The infamous revolt was started by a man of common birth named Clay. This great soldier and member of the Southern Mountain Corps is viewed by many as a charismatic leader and eloquent speaker. He was able to convince many of his former fellow soldiers that after the execution of their twice failed General, Maha Sparna, that this was their chance to rebel against the decades of corruption at the hands of the Darja Clan's nobles and ruling class.

After months of fighting nobles and those soldiers still loyal to them, Clay emerged in victory. By the spring of 452, He commanded not only the newly reformed and renamed Liberated Mountain Corps, but also was the leader of the whole Darja Clan. How the rest of the Kingdom of New Armes will react to this sudden change in leadership within one of its most powerful clans? Already his Majesty King Jalat has called for an emergency meeting of the Grand Council of Chieftains with the other 4 Great Clans and their leaders. Where the nation goes from here only time will tell.