The New Armes Kingdom is comprised of the Five Great Clans, each of whom has representation on the Grand Council of Chieftains the highest ranking political body in the Kingdom, of which, is headed by the King, himself. The current King is Jalat Ishvaak.

The New Armes King is both the Head of State as well as the Supreme Commander of the New Armes Army. With the High Commander of the Royal Guard normally serving as his chief military officer and battlefield leader. 

The New Armes Army is comprised of different military divisions from all 5 Clans. Each Clan is allowed to control and command its own forces, but when matters of Nation Interests are at stake, the 5 militarizes are suppose to fall under the King jurisdiction until the conflict is settled. 

The New Armes Military is comprised of the 5 following division. 

  1. Ishvaak Clan provides the Royal Guard
  2. Darja Clan provides the Southern Mountain Corps (Liberated Mountain Corps)
  3. Madra Clan provides the Western Marine Corps
  4. Salva Clan provides the newly formed Torreon Militia
  5. Greywar Clan provides the Knights of Greywar