Master Kalam, who was the dojo master on the Burova Manor as well as the personal best friend of Lord Allister Burova and his wife before their deaths. However, now he is the guardian and teacher of the the 3 Burova children as well as being the father of Thann.

Allister exposed a secret plan by the former Queen of Armes and a powerful Armes nobleman named Lord Bruce Ayer, who wanted to assassinate King Jalat. Both men died battling each other.

Ayer's followers knowing the takeover had failed, and soon Jalat's forces would come to kill or arrest them, decided to carry out one last act of vengeance. Thus, they attack the Barova Estate. With most of the Allister's soldiers at the royal palace fighting on behalf of the king his mansion was easily overwhelmed.

Hanna Burova, while not skilled with a blade, but was a powerful runic user, called upon her trusted friend Kalam, who was one of the few who had stayed behind to protect the manor, to get her 3 children to safety. Gathering what supplies he could in carriage, Kalam took the the 3 Burova children and his son, Thann, and fled the Manor, while Hanna used her Thunder rune's power to delay the rebel forces at the front gate. She bought him the time they needed to escape, but paid for it with her life when the rebel numbers finally proved to great for her.

Kalam and the rest made their way to the Madra Clan's territory where the powerful Valya family ruled with their mighty Western Marine Corps military. Upon Lord Valya's suggestion, the dojo warrior took the 4 children to an uninhabited island near the shore in the center of his domain. As he reasoned it was better to live in exile with Yvaine and the others than risk going back to the estate, in fear that Ayer may still have a few secret supporters, who would want to kill Burova's children as further revenge for stopping his coup and killing him.

So for the next decade while in exile, Kalam trained the children to become strong warriors on the Island the kids affectionately named Exile Isle.