One of the oldest noble families in the whole Kingdom of New Arms. For centuries, they ruled the Salva Clan in the Eastern parts of the Kingdom. Having the reputation of justice and strength, the power and influence in the Kingdom was second only to the Royal Family's.

So respected was their family, that the de facto capitol of the Salva Clan, become the Burova Manor for nearly 150 years, instead of the largest and most important city in the area, Torreon.

However, that all changed in 441, when the last surviving members of the noble family were all killed, save for three. Allister, the family patriarch, exposed a plot by another nobleman Bruce Ayer and Queen Tula to assassinate King Jalat. Burova and Ayer killed each other, but the king was safe. In revenge, Ayer's men attack Burova's home and killed his wife, Hanna, who acted as a diversion so her 3 children could get away safely thanks Allister's good friend Kalam.

The 3 children, who were thought by many dead, escaped to Madra Clan, where the lord there gave them a place to hid in the form of Exile Isle. The three children, Yvaine, Pierre, and Jehan grew up in exile, but are the only known surviving members of this ancient noble house.