Hanna Burova was the wife of Allister Burova and the mother of Yvaine, Pierre, and Jehan in the Salva Clan. Born in Norwick, this daughter of a low ranking noble Runemaster, moved to the Burova Manor when she was a child with her parents where her own father served as the local community’s personal Rune Sage. There she became very good friends with one of the castle lord’s son Allister.

Years later, when he returned home from service with the Knights of Greywar due to the death of his family, Hanna and Allister reconnected their old friendship, fell in love, and were married. Hanna gave birth to their 3 children and life was good until one day when Allister returned from Balustrade speaking of a secret plot to kill the King.

Hanna remained behind with the children and few warriors while most of the manor’s forces went with Allister to save the king’s life against a coup. While successful in stopping the rebellion and even striking the killing blow to its leader, he himself was killed in the battle too.

Once Hanna learned of this she had no time to grieve as some of the leftover rebels wanted revenge against Burova. Using her own skill and talent with runic magic she acted as distraction to the vengeful rebels, while a close family friend and warrior, Kalam got his own child and the 3 Burova children to safety. Hanna selflessly gave her own life to save her children.