Lord Bruce Ayer was a very power and influential member of the Ishvaak Clan. He conspired with the corrupt Queen of New Armes, Tula, to assassinate King Jalat and takeover the kingdom for themselves in 441 IS.

Luckily, this plot was exposed by a loyal nobleman and leader of the Salva Clan, Lord Allister Burova. Gathering his own forces, he marched to the capitol city to help the Royal Guard fend off Ayer's forces. Ayer engaged in personal combat with Burova, a former knight, both men were mortally wounded in combat.

With Ayer's dead, the rebellion was quickly crushed by Jalat's forces. However, not before a more zealous group of Ayer's rebels carried out one last attack on Burova's own estate, killing his new widow, Hanna, in the process. It was unknown what happen to rest of the noble's three children.

The Ayer's family fell out of power and favor, when its leader was exposed as a traitor who tried to commit high treason, but their are many nobles in the kingdom who still passionately hate King Jalat, and secretly still hold Bruce Ayer a hero and martyr.